Tuesday, 13 November 2012

To do or knot to do...

Some vitamin D yes please!  Summer time is fast approaching and long days on the beach are calling my name.  Here is a little trick to spruce up any old tee you have lying around.  Crochet is always such a great way to layer in the heat and I love it over a bikini or paired with some denim shorts...

And herewith I give you the cheat's version!  No need to pick up those needles... on the contrary just a pair of scissors!

Step 1:  Go dig up that old white tee collecting dirt in the back of your cupboard

Step 2:  Lie it flat and mark off desired widths for strips

Step 3:  Cut the strips as high in the tee as you want, remember, this is where your 'crocheting' will start

Step 4:  Knot adjacent strips together at the base 

Step 5: Continue doing this but beginning each time with alternative strips so that your knots become inter-woven

You can keep going or leave your strips long and loose with jsut a few rows of knots at the base

Step 7: Throw over a bikini for an instant summer look!

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