Sunday, 29 March 2015

A glimmer of sunshine... A little forward glance for Summer 15

As we wave goodbye to our bikinis and panamas and make room in our wardrobes for the inevitable take-over by cardigans and sweaters, I can only but try and keep your spirits up with a little taster for next Summer...

Summer 15 screams texture.  Yes, the explosion of print-on-print is still there but the battle of contrasting textures should be your focus for next season.  Think lace on leather, sheer on shine, pretty much anything goes!  It's about combining embroideries with pleats, dobby fabrics and jacquards, tassels and fringing; no rules reign.

Be bold this season with one of my favourite stories… this eclectic theme is what I called Jambo.
It means “hello” in Swahili and it is just that… you screaming to the world, “HELLO!  HERE I AM!”

African and tribal prints are prominent and spicy tones underline this theme.  But don’t hesitate to add pops of chartreuses and cerises to clash-up this mash-up.  Most of all, have fun with it.  This is your ticket to get noticed in the trendiest way yet.

The ever perennial tide of nautcial trends… inevitable right?  Not too fast!  This season  takes on a new version of this theme utilizing bold corals and corn-flower blues, all on clean, white foundations.

Unleash your 70s, boho queen and let her free!  Maxi skirts and floaty silhouettes, this is your time to be feminine and wonderful.  This theme is a great way to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring...

Blue and white jacquards, organza sheer stripes and metallic hardware keeping it fresh albeit in the air!

It’s high summer and there's no better way to say it than with bright tropical prints and fantastical colour.

It’s a colour fiesta, just remember to keep your palettes saturated and anything will work.  My range ended up being layered with graphic geometrics and strong monochromatics and it looked really fresh and exciting.  So don’t hold back!  As long as your black and whites remain strong and your brights remain clean, you’re on your way to blooming your way through this one.

Playing with some crepe textures and lazer cut-outs...

For the glamourous among us, this is the perfect dressy exhibition!  Pastel palettes get a complete make-over with lace and metallic details, undercurrents of animal and tropical prints, and much more than 50 shades of grey.

Sheer shirt, leather culottes and lace bralette