Thursday, 29 November 2012

How do you like your eggs?

How do you like your eggs?  A friend of mine asked me and got me to thinking…
How DO I like my eggs?  No really do you know?    Have you even tried all the different kinds of ways to have your eggs?  Or do you think you know your favourite kind of eggs because that is how you usually have them?  Do you have them scrambled because that is how your best friend likes hers or poached because that’s how your mum made them for you growing up?  Have you even tried them fried?  Have you even thought of… deep breaths… an omelette with bacon and feta?

In our frantic lives do we actually take a minute to ask ourselves these kinds of questions?  Do we actually ever take the time to get to know our selves a little better?
Travelling has always kept me raw and challenged to my core.  It rids me of all securities and makes me question who I am and what I actually want myself.  It is a blessing to be totally anonymous and alone in a new and unfamiliar space.  To be out of my comfort zone and without recognition of one face in the crowd.  To be unrecognizable myself.  To be disconnected from work, family, friends, and the ins and outs of our daily lives.  It really is a sobering moment in a raw place, a place perhaps we all need to find in order to be able to make any big decisions about our lives and where we want to go and who we want to become.   I just have to find out a way to do this without the pricey airfares. 

However you do it, take time out and get to know yourself a little.  And decide how you actually like your eggs.  Hell, you might just want to rather order the pancakes.

Thursday, 22 November 2012


"You can be rich in many ways besides money" our famous, first black president once said.  And yet now the lined old face that we all so love lines the pockets of our country's people.  Ironic perhaps.  Especially when Mandela stood so surely for equality and the bank-note is the tool by which some capitalist leaders, overcome by the lust for material gain, only enrich themselves and widen the gap between rich and poor.

Let's just hope that as his face slips through our fingers on a daily basis, what he stood for does not.  His legacy does not seem to be a fair trade for the movies popcorn worth of one twenty rand bill.

Let's just hope having a Madiba in our wallets, lets us carry him and his values in our hearts too.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

No Introduction Needed - TOPSHOP ON AFRICAN SOIL!

We love you too TOPSHOP

Oh hellooo!  Christmas just came early in the form of TOPSHOP and TOPMAN South Africa!
The press launch this morning was all a buzz as the blessed got a sneak preview at the winder that is Topshop Sandton.  And we were not left disappointed!
My expectations were completely exceeded!  Just back from a trip to London, I can vouch that the ranges offered to the SA customer are the latest and greatest and hot off the London streets!  And the best news of all… prices that us little saffers can totally digest.
The Arcadia group promises that there will be weekly deliveries to this flagship store to ensure the product offering is as current as possible. 
The store offers a shopping experience that is as famous as the brand itself.  The talented visual merchandising team put together complete looks so that it truly is a “see it, buy it” activity.  Everything from shoes, accessories and even make up are on offer to make this your complete one stop shop.
A girl's dream
Rocking the Renaissance trend

A nod to the boys

And even some accessories for the lads!

The instore set up even included a DJ operating off a touch-screen digital setup.  The first of its kind in SA!
Even the in-store staff are trend-setters!
Complete with nail spa if you (sigh) need a break from shopping

 All I can say is that the future looks bright for SA now that Topshop has arrived at our sunny shores.  Happy shopping everybody!

My first TOPSHOP purchase on African soil!  With brand manager, Lauren Wasserzug-Avgitidis


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

To do or knot to do...

Some vitamin D yes please!  Summer time is fast approaching and long days on the beach are calling my name.  Here is a little trick to spruce up any old tee you have lying around.  Crochet is always such a great way to layer in the heat and I love it over a bikini or paired with some denim shorts...

And herewith I give you the cheat's version!  No need to pick up those needles... on the contrary just a pair of scissors!

Step 1:  Go dig up that old white tee collecting dirt in the back of your cupboard

Step 2:  Lie it flat and mark off desired widths for strips

Step 3:  Cut the strips as high in the tee as you want, remember, this is where your 'crocheting' will start

Step 4:  Knot adjacent strips together at the base 

Step 5: Continue doing this but beginning each time with alternative strips so that your knots become inter-woven

You can keep going or leave your strips long and loose with jsut a few rows of knots at the base

Step 7: Throw over a bikini for an instant summer look!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Today I'm Wearing... Holy Moly (31 October)

Just in time for Halloween, the goth trend has resurfaced and is a strong influence for Winter 13 fashion.

It’s no surprise that the current obsession with dark fairytales has turned designers dark and deadly for Autumn.  There is an obvious Victorian influence and the catwalks boasted ethereal looks of leather and lace fabrics, studs and embellishment and black-on –black palettes.  


And if you think black is boring, think again!  The neo-Gothic movement of this season channels a new noir and glam vamp that makes me want to revert to a monochromatic wardrobe.  The trick here is to lift the look with some shine.  All things metallic, silver and gold are a must for this look.  Coated leathers and fabrics, iron-on studs and pyramid trims… anything goes really!  For prints look to the oh-so-obvious skull prints and gothic crosses as well as take on animal and lace prints

And if an enrolment in cultish groups, black lipstick and goth music isn’t your thing, embrace this trend through jewellery.  It’s probably the easier way to achieve the look.

Layered jewellery is key with this trend.  Think multiple rings and stacked bracelets.  Collections of rings are eclectic and goth-inspired with studs and gothic crosses offering an edgy take on the look. 

The bracelet-ring is everywhere!  It is definitely an item to watch for seasons to come.

Jewellery - Topshop; Denim Shirt - Forever 21; Skirt - Forever 21

Jacquard print pants - Zara; Shirt - DP; Bag - Delias; Shoes - Zara

Blazer - Vintage

Still dont know why they stopped me at airport security!
Nicky showing the trend at the office
 So take a lesson in the dark arts and get your glam goth look on ladies… it’s Witching Hour!