Friday, 8 February 2013

New kicks on the block

It's hip to be squared this season with spring's cubism inspired accessories.  Introducing my new found favourite... block heels.

Fashion week streets

Balenciaga blocks their block heels... love it

Being 5 ft 2 I am a dedicated fan of the heel but I have endured many an embarrassing wobble and ankle twist whilst teetering on my beloved skinny, sky-high stilettos.  Block heels on the other hand offer the height without jeopardising your safety and grace status! 

Calvin Klein

 Although block heels started as more of a ladylike staple, styles have developed and evolved into much edgier takes on this trend and encompass platform characteristics, colour-blocking and mix and matching of textures.
My cute ladylike versions from H&M.  Please note the metallic heel!  Love.

Michael Kors' transparent take on the trend

Prada takes it to the next level...

and even more so... a block heel... literally

I’m cheering all the way down the streetes as a more practical approach to styling creeps into fashion.
I heart block heels and quite frankly, for a change, so do my feet!