Monday, 11 March 2013

Pop goes the runway

There is no denying the massive influence of the 60s on this season’s fashion and so it is little surprise that there is a bit of unearthing of the most iconic artistic movements of the decade.

Pop art in all its explicit and inferred forms is exploding (as in “crash” “boom”!) across the fashion scene and designers are alluding to it from the daisies at Prada to the comic like florals at Holly Fulton to the tongue and cheek prints at Henry Holland.


Henry Holland
This association with the movement seems topical and timely as Lichtenstein’s work is currently being exhibited at the Tate.  He who made the comic strip iconic is on display at the most famous gallery, on the world’s runways, and even the high streets themselves.

Some of Lichtenstein's most famous works and the fashion derived from them

The high street giants like Topshop can't escape the craze and sporty ensembles are littered with slogan knits, comic speech bubbles prints and comic book-inspired graphics.


This trend especially leans itself towards knits such as this season’s hottest micro top which bares the midriff completely and is typically cut-away at the armholes with a higher neckline.  This as well as printed jumpers seem the perfect canvas for the pop sensations strewn across them.

Andy Warhol, who’s signature pieces depict mundane, commodities such as soup cans as well as the icon, Marilyn Monroe (arguably another commodity of the time), also leaves his mark on this season’s fashion.  

Some of the most famouse pieces I spotted at my visit to MOMA last week notibly Warhol's depictions of  Marilyn and the Campbell soup cans

Val Garland, makeup artist at Henry Holland, said “Andy Warhol was my magic inspiration”.  Even the deep side parting on the platinum hair displayed at Marc Jacobs hinted at the typical style of Edie Sedgwick, Warhol’s muse.  The similarities too apparent to be coincidence don't you think?
Edie Sedgwick in the 60s
Model at Marc Jacobs SS13
The Japanese retailer, Uniqlo has incorporated some of Warhol's most famous works into its prints for the Summer collection.  I spotted the opening whilst on the streets of New York last week...

Ironic perhaps that now these artworks proclaiming the art of the mundane commodity, are merely being translated into a wearable commodity themselves...

The Pop art movement is being revisited in a big way and all prints associated with it.  So pull out your old, now vintage, Disney tees and suddenly you are pop on for one of this season's coolest looks...

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Hair today... Gone tomorrow

So a closer look at the hottest of hair dos from S/S'13 and I’m suddenly completely conscious of my top-knot which has become a bit of a uniform style for me whilst travelling.  There is only so much I can accomplish in a plane washroom mirror but I’m drooling after these chic looks from the runways and vow to attempt them once I am back in a constant time-zone and within the vicinity of my tools!

Marc Jacobs
This season, the runways offered us quite a variety of trends up top.  Whether you’re a no-fuss kind of gal or an OTT sort, there is something for you.

First up… the modern minimalist.  This, I’m afraid, I can only lust after as no amount of hair-spray will tame my curls into such sleek performance as was sported on the catwalks.  The rules for this look are ‘strict and sleek’.  Hair is scraped back into low buns or pony tails and bold partings reign.

It’s time to draw the line ladies!  Adopt a severe middle parting as seen at Givenchy or play with geometric partings as seen at Gainfranco Ferre or just a super deep part, seen at Chloe.  Whether it’s a complete comb-over or sleeked-back version, this look is all about being angular, superflat, neat, sharp and at times quite futuristic.  Although the look at Stella McCartney was more low key and easy… so distinctively Stella.

On the opposite side of the spectrum are the 60s inspired looks.  Yes, this is all about the typical volume but this is 60s like you’ve never seen it before and the characteristic beehives and bobs are injected with newness especially via hair accessories!  Armani and Vuitton, Fendi and Marc Jacobs all stood for gallant accessories from bows and veils to even orchids seen at Issa.

No doubt that these fab looks will be over before I’ve invested in my superhold hairspray, but I will definitely be embracing them for now…

My illustration of the top hair trends from S/S'13