Friday, 9 December 2011

Frustrated Artist

I have been newly inspired to pick up my paintbrush recently.  It has come like a fresh winter wind and knocked me over!  Now I’ve got itchy fingers and can’t stop jotting down images to paint for pending quiet times.  I realise I convinced myself into being ‘too busy’ for these little luxuries in life and have completely neglected that side of myself for far too long!  I challenge you all to get busy painting!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Fringe Benefits

The influence of the 70s does note seem to be leaving us.  This Summer has an undercurrent of this boho era and one of the consequences of this is the presence of fringing and tassels.  I am obsessed!  

 Designers Jil Sander, Mark Fast and Matthew Williamson capture the trend perfectly.

 I love the way these trims add textural interest and movement to any garment or look.

  The use of dip-dye and metallic embellishments bring newness to this familiar trend.  Bright colours and mixed prints leave us with fun, flirty, eclectic looks.

Louboutin does us proud... Get in my cupboard!

Fringing on everything from accessories to swimwear creates a playful and free-spirited element and gives any look a real edginess.

 Olivia Palermo gets it right every time.

Rachel Bilson and Vanessa Paradis flaunt the trend.

 Street fashion at Milan Fashion Week.

 This is my tassled necklace I found in Sydney.  It spices up any outfit.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Never Never Land

a bit of magic - Alexa Chung
For those who love a bit of quirky fashion, the peter pan collar is such a cute detail to turn any item into a preppy treasure. I am loving the play on materials, texture and colour to make what we've seen before look so fresh!

These embellished numbers leave me inspired for a bit of DIY.

Nothing like a bit of bling for the Festive Season!

Some pearl designs... a bit of a sweeter selection

Sheer, cut-out and lace for the true vintage-lovers