Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Today I'm Wearing... 23 July... Neon Flashion Lights

Apologies for the disappearance act but I promise my null and void gym contract and over-flowing pile of laundry are testament to the chaos that is my life right now!  But I'm back :)

It’s almost August… can we talk about Spring yet??  I am completely over the winter that we barely endured and can’t wait to dive into my summer wardrobe and embrace a little colour.  And this season’s all about a few bright ideas…
Think neon.

I raided the girls' drawers at the office for a handful of summer inspiration...

Whoever thought that this trend would take?  Something that started at first as a street trend has slowly infiltrated into the likes of Christopher Kane’s ranges and now exploded at a high-street level.  Fluorescent yellows, corals and pinks… in fact, any highlighter hues will do.

Loving these cheeky denims...

Highlighter hues hit this season's runway...
In trim details...
... and solid neon items

If in doubt about how exactly to tackle this trend, start small.  Play it safe with a neon accessory like the girls at our office who couldn’t resist a bit of this hot, new pop of colour.  A little touch to an otherwise rather dull outfit electrifies your whole look. 

The neon shoe option...

Or just playful accessories..

Another easy option is the neon purse

or just a one-item fluroscent touch to your outfit

Katie and I sporting this season's neon
Linda's take on the trend
Another trick is to pair your splash of colour with pastels or muted tones.  It is quite an edgey and little less conventional take on the look.

Feeling a little braver..?  Opt for something a bit more aggressive in the colour department…

My nice, quiet, psychedelic leggings!
Grab your glow-sticks people, a season of neon is upon us! 

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