Thursday, 24 May 2012

Today I'm wearing... Delicious doughnuts

After many an inbox message on asking how I achieved my nerd-upstyle in the previous post, I felt I had to write on how to wear the ballerina/doughnut bun!  This voluminous bun-style should perch atop of your head although I quite like the lower and side version too.  It's chic, stylish and easy!  Perfect for a bad hair-day or just a lazy one.  The best part is that this chignon style is no longer limited to the thick-haired elite, the lucky ones.  Thanks to the invention of the sponge doughnut (Eureka!) anybody can get this look.  And just in case you were wondering, everybody's doing it...

Kate Beckinsale
Carey Underwood opts for the lower version
Spring/Summer '12


This hairstyle can be cute and quirky...

Or epitomize sophisticated, understated beauty...

So this is how you do it.
Step 1:  Tie your hair in a tight, high pony-tail

Step 2: Pick a doughnut... any doughnut

Step 3:  Pull your ponytail through the sponge

Step 4: Pull your hair tightly around the doughnut

Step 5: Tuck your hair under the doughnut and secure

And there you have it!

Add a hair band or other accessories

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