Friday, 18 May 2012

The Democratic Republic of the Frow

I was at Fashion Week recently, perching on my front row seat before a show, and I couldn’t help but notice the busy little fingers on either side of me.  “Tweet, tweet” went the front row and suddenly I realised… there go the spoils.

The front row at SA Fashion Week

Long gone are the days when a pricey Vogue held the secrets of the fashion world, only releasing them to the masses long after the catwalk lights went out.  Now such treasures are no longer reserved for the fashion elite but are available to every Tom, Dick and Harry at the click of a play button on a live-streaming video link.  Has the mystery and exclusivity of the fashion industry been abolished by the likes of Twitter and Facebook?  Have we spoiled the magic by having the autocracy voted out by the majority and bringing control to the masses by a democratic yielding of power?  Now everyone is invited thanks to the tweeting of the front-row fash-pack, aka “the frow”.  

Front row style

Blogger, Susie Bubble

Not that I’m complaining.  This immediate coverage of the fashion world is what allows us mere mortals the opportunity to keep up with this fast-moving industry and those at the forefront of fashion trends.  Sacrificing the magic in favour of knowledge for the masses… maybe a worthwhile exchange after all.

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