Saturday, 14 April 2012

Today I'm wearing... To dye for

A trend literally seeping through from last summer into this winter season is the ombre effect.  It's there in hair trends, fashion and even cooking and decor!

 Across the catwalks and high streets, garments have been dip-dyed to achieve a graduation of colour.

Anne Valerie Hash, Paris

Cernei, London

Both above Colette Dinnigan

Fam Irvoll, London

Jonathan Cohen, New York 
House of Evolution, London

This on-trend effect is actually really easy to achieve and all you need is a little dye to give any cobwebs in your cupboard a bit of a face-lift!

 Step 1:  An item of clothing with potential...

Step 2: Thoroughly rinse garment and allow to soak

 Step 3:  Mix your dye powder with water into a paste

 Step 4: Dissolve your paste in about 1/2l of boiling water and stir

Step 5: Dissolve 2 heaped tablespoons of salt in boiling water and add to dye solution and mix

 Step 6:  Add cold water and bring to boil

 Step 7: Submerge your garment!  I wanted to create an extreme ombre effect and so left the bottom of my dress to soak and then quickly dipped it in a little further.

 Step 8: rinse in cold water till the water runs clear.  Allow garment to dry and add fixative.  And there you have it!  Easy peasy!

 My take on the ombre trend...

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